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Visitors from Bellatrix make intensive and intelligent rock music. Their debut album Orkid is a heavy-prog rock opera embedded in J.R.R. Tolkien's fantasy world. With a multitude of vocal talent, female and male, the rock opera format comes naturally to the group.

As a band, Visitors from Bellatrix are survivors of Perfct Child (yes, that is how it is written), an earlier incarnation that released in 2013 Playing God, a critically acclaimed classic-rock opera on the ethics of genetics (oh yes, really).

The stage-performing Visitors from Bellatrix are Bonnie Parker (bass, vocals), Denny Colt (guitar, keyboards, vocals), Phil Baker (guitar, vocals), Harri Väyrynen (guitar, vocals), Jan Rechberger (drums), Johanna Ahola-Launonen (keyboards, vocals), Mikaela Mansikkala (vocals), Maria Hänninen (vocals), and Natasha Jane Julian (vocals).

In the studio, Visitors from Bellatrix also include Matti Häyry (songwriting, keyboards, vocals), Tuija Takala (songwriting, vocals), and Lasse Väyrynen (guitars, bass, keyboards, backing vocals, and magic).

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